Bindra may try competing in different shooting event
Having reached the 'pinnacle' by claiming the Olympic gold in Beijing, shooter Abhinav Bindra is contemplating competing in a different shooting event.?

"A gold medal in Olympics was the barrier. Had I won a silver or a bronze, there would have been more success to vie for. But having reached the pinnacle, it will be a completely new beginning now," the Olympic champion in 10m Air Rifle event said at a felicitation function on Thursday.?

"I have no plan of changing my event, but I may do a little adventure and compete in another event apart from this," he said without specifying what his next competition would be.?

"I have trained in other events before and considering giving it another shot. At the moment, I've started training, but I am not sure of the next competition.?

"This year is a rest year in shooting calendar with no Olympic qualification for us. However, I will be looking forward to 2010 which will be the busiest year for us and there's, of course, the Commonwealth Games..."?

On his expectation, he said, "I don't really expect much at the moment. I have achieved the goal I've pursued for 15 years. Whatever, I get from now on will be a bonus for me."

"In loss you learn a lot more. When you win there is not many aspects you can take it from. I had a goal, I just pursued it, I followed the path that will get me there. It's all about channelising energy," Bindra said.?

Asked what he felt after winning the medal, Abhinav said, "It obviously was a nice feeling but at the same time, I also wondered why it took us so long to achieve an Olympic medal."?

He said his success should be measured in how his Olympic triumph has changed the outlook towards sports.?

"There is a big change in the attitude of the general people towards sports. Everybody's talking in terms of gold in Olympics. This to me is the most significant happening that my achievement has brought about," he said.?

Asked about his view on national sport which has become a debate of late after former greats MAK Pataudi and Leslie Claudius rooted for cricket, Bindra said, "It really doesn't matter what the national sport is as long as there is improvement in the overall sporting standard. One cannot expect a marked improvement overnight.?

"It will always take some time. But I do believe that in our endeavor to be one of the developed countries by 2020, rise in the sporting standard is imperative."?

He said infrastructure in shooting was developing but more needed to be done.?

"Now, we have a couple of world class shooting ranges ... like the one in Shiv Chhatrapati Sport Complex in Pune. It's one of the best I have ever seen. But having said, more needs to be done. Smaller shooting ranges need to be set up in smaller centres so that it will help budding shooters."?

Bindra said the Mittal Championship Trust was helping upcoming talent like the current national record holder for women's 50-metre air rifle Lajja Goswami who was facing hurdles for getting the ammunition.?

"The Mittal Championship Trust is trying to help her. Something positive may well result. No doubt, a lot needs to be done so that everyone can have access to this sport which is truly an expensive one," Bindra said.