Ban Ki-moon hail Ghana presidential election
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Sunday hailed Ghana's presidential election as a "democratic achievement" and applauded the country for setting an "admirable example."?

Ban "warmly congratulates the people and government of Ghana on the peaceful and orderly resolution of the recently concluded presidential and legislative elections," his office said in a statement.?

The UN chief "acknowledges the dedication and professionalism of Ghana's Electoral Commission, which has skillfully managed the process" and "commends the political parties and their leadership for their statesmanlike conduct."?

He added that "Ghanaians can and should take pride in this democratic achievement. With their continuing show of commitment to the democratic process, Ghana and its leaders are setting an admirable example."?

Ghana's president-elect John Atta-Mills won the election on Saturday in the second round by a very slim margin of just 40,000 votes out of a total of some nine million ballots cast.?

An opposition candidate, Atta-Mills gained less than half a percentage point over the ruling party's aspirant Nana Akufo-Addo.?

The first time power swapped hands peacefully was in 2000, when former military leader turned democratic ruler Jerry Rawlings handed over to John Kufuor after an eight-year stint as elected president.?