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"Come experience the magic of food at the 'Taste of Mumbai'

Karen Anand, India?s top food Connoisseur and Gourmet specialist
speaks to Ambreen Zaidi, on Food, Farmers, Organic Food, and much

Q1- What made you come up with the idea of Pune farmer?s market?
KA: Well, I have been thinking about it for a while. So, we thought
let?s start it this way and this is getting bigger and better with
each event.  We put up stalls of everything ranging from organic
vegetables & fruits,  cheeses/ non-veg stuff, Bakery items,
Patisserie, homemade candies,wines, Herbs, Organic Grains & pulses
home-grown Flowers and Plants, chocolates,  beverages, Ceramic  and
wooden commodities etc. We organize it once a month and so far the
response has been very very good.

AZ- Why are is there a comparitive a lesser number of farmers this time?
KA- We couldn?t get very many farmers because it has suddenly become
very hot. We have not got the kind of produce we wanted, for now. In
the last two Farmer?s market we focused primarily on farmers and
organic farming. Their produce is not lasting due to the heat. So this
time we have more of plants, herbs, chocolate, wine, cookies, breads
and cakes this time. We are not promoting anything which is unhealthy;
we have sugar free chocolates and organic food like organic Cow?s milk
etc. We offer you the alternative food options. When heat recedes a
little bit, you will surely see Pune Farmer Market grow larger and
But we are doing a very big Festival in Mumbai called Taste of Mumbai.

AZ- What is Taste of Mumbai all about?
KA- Taste of Mumbai, that a very big thing and first of its kind in
India. It is from 22nd to 24th of March. It is to understand how
things work in exhibitions, all across the world. It will be good to
have some bloggers as well. Food is such a big market. Do you know we
have almost 12 big taste festivals all across the world, that when it
struck me to have one in India too.

AZ- Tell us more about Taste of Mumbai.
KA- It?s a huge project with 7000-10,000 people participating. You
will get to meet food connoisseurs from all across the world, the
farmers, the home grown stuff and many more interesting things.

AZ- Where in Mumbai?
KA- At Marine Drive, it going to be a huge huge thing. We want more
and more people to come and experience it; it will be a wonderful
event against the beauty of Taj on one side and Arabian Sea on the

AZ- If someone wants to be a part of this show, how does one go about it?
KA- You can go to my website and get the details and we also have a
Facebook page, so anyone who is interested can directly approach us.
You will get a very good market through us. Since its going to be very
hot for the next couple of months, we?ll be organizing it in the
portico of The Westin, with huge coolers and other arrangements to
make everybody comfortable.

AZ- So, where did it all start from? Karen Anand the foodie. What was
that one idea that made you venture into the food scene?
KA- It?s been 20 years. Lots of things happened. Well, I have lived a
lot abroad, seen a lot of interesting things happening. I noticed a
lot of things happening out there things are very different, in India
we still are into agriculture. But have a large variety of food stuff
to offer. Our idea is to bring all the food lovers together and
experience the magical world of food. It is something which is not to
be missed. Come and join us in the festivities?..