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The Lament of a Soul

Injeela   Shahid
Yesterday I had a dream. As is the fact that we don’t remember the starting of a dream, I don’t remember where it started but the main content has made an impression on me and forced me to think.

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Positivism: Haiku

Lalit   Kishore
Couple positive thoughts; with affirmative actions.; Lead a happy life.; Use your strengths, virtues; to get into flow to grow; and gain life's meaning.; flourish with happiness; ...

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Romance .. early in the morning

Ganesh  -  R

Early morning at 6.15 has its own aroma of the plants and flowers and the sound of little birds chirping joyously. Sun is yet to rise and is still shying to lift its veil. The weather is pleas...

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One thing I wish to read about is me.

Ayushi   Sharma
Hola people so I'm up with a blog !This is what I always wanted to write about I've been collecting thoughts to engage in this topic but still it wasn't fulfilled still it's not, but doing something i...

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Shameful statements on TaJ Mahal

Surendra  Mohan  Shukla

Ancient buildings and famous monuments all over India have remained in the radar of right wing politicians and historians. Well supported by equally vocal right wing media fueling many controvers...

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Smart home .

Vivek  Ranjan  Shrivastava
; SMART HOME …An Introduction ; Er Vivek Ranjan Shrivastava ; FIE, BEE certified Energy Manager , Member SEEM ; ADDl Chief Engineer Civil , MPPKVVCL Jabalpur ; Mob 7000375798; Blog ...

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