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The Underachieving School & Deschooling Society: Books that talk about revolution in education

Lalit   Kishore
The current scenario of institutional education which is unable to provide even safe learning environment and has turned education into a commodity, needs to be analysed critically and draw lessons fr...

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Brigadier Arun   Bajpai

Recently announcing his Afghanistan policy, American President Donald Trump bereted Pakistan on its policy of running with hare and hunting with hounds meaning as a ally of Americas war on ter...

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Facebook thrives on our Narcissism!

Afshan  Tarannum  Shirazi
; We are the Tech-savvy Whatsapp generation, the Instagram people, ; the Twitter masses. Less of social beings, more of self-obsessed egg ; heads. Our knowledge sure is more than our ancestor...

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Smart home .

Vivek  Ranjan  Shrivastava
; SMART HOME …An Introduction ; Er Vivek Ranjan Shrivastava ; FIE, BEE certified Energy Manager , Member SEEM ; ADDl Chief Engineer Civil , MPPKVVCL Jabalpur ; Mob 7000375798; Blog ...

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The Currency Warfare

Amritash   Tiwari
It has been over a decade now, where international trade has become very sensitive under the influence of the trade policies, repo rates and currencies. India being one of the favorite destination for...

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देश के हर व्यक्ति मे ईमानदारी होना चाहिये

Chitra  Bhushan  Shrivastava
प्रो. सी.बी. श्रीवास्तव ‘विदग्ध‘; ए-1, एमपीईबी कालोनी; शिलाकुंज, रामपुर, जबलपुर ; मो. 9425484452; देश के हर व्यक्ति मे ईमानदारी होना चाहिये; जिंदगी में जीत पाने सम...

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