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Connected People

Connected People

My Profile

Profession : General
Birthday : Sep 08, 1888
Gender : Male
Location : , INDIA

>> Statutory WARNING...!

Sorry folks, I just don't make friends...!
Because I fall in LOVE at FIRST sight
and FIRST place...!

I may NOT respect you formally, I SIMPLY

You can be LIBERAL with me to any extent,

Don’t ever ask me “How I feel about You ?”
Because I like you EXACTLY as you are !

If you ask me “Who am I ?”
Well, I am NO BODY !

Be very clear – I don’t GIVE LOVE,
I don’t TAKE LOVE, …I just BE IN LOVE !

My choice is simple “I like the BEST !”

AIM of my LIFE “Just being without a mention 
till life permits !”

Be careful while dealing with me,
because relation by HEART is more valuable
to me than by Blood !

My expressions are NOT to express something,
but to indicate something inexpressible !

Don't ever weigh my words, they are just fun !

My serious thought – Seriousness is the source
of all diseases !

The very purpose of coming here is to LEARN !

I am productive ONLY when I am PLAYFUL !

Profile Photo "I don't know HIM !

My name is just a LABEL,
to distinguish between humans.

Still if you INSIST, …enter the Profile at your

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