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Yeh Khula Aasmaan

Yeh Khula Aasmaan
Category : Family
Movie Title : Yeh Khula Aasmaan
Director : Gitanjali Sinha
Producer : Hemendra Aran
Casts : Raj Tandon, Anya Anand, Raghubir Yadav, Yashpal Sharma
Release Date : 25 May 2012

Yeh Khula Aasmaan revolves around Avinash, a young intelligent boy going through an extremely challenging phase of life due to his academic failures. He feels an immense vacuum which unfortunately his busy parents are unable to fill. In desperation he visits his Grandfather (Dadu) who uses the 'kite' to subtly impart the lessons of life and prepares Avinash to face life.

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