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Community Policing: Misnomer or Fact?

Category : Crime
Book Title : Community Policing: Misnomer or Fact?
Author : Veerendra Mishra (Assistant Inspector General of Police, MP)
Publication : SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Primary Language : English

Community Policing discusses the philosophy of community policing, its governing schools of thoughts, and its strengths and weaknesses. The volume also deals with conceptual variances of community policing, the factors that impede smooth collaboration between police and public, and the organizational principles that have been neglected by police organizations and others. Concepts like Police Syndrome, Conceptual Literacy, Person Steered Initiatives (PSI), Precision Policing Technique (PPT), Tracking Participation Footprint (TPF), Image Dating or Image Mapping (ID/IM), intuitive approach, and many others are explained and discussed. The author uses case studies to elucidate the practical applicability of these concepts. The author negotiates with the idea of allowing civilian participation to become one of the legitimate means of checking police excesses. He argues that compliance of law must go hand in hand with protecting basic rights of people. Unless this is done, the foundation of liberal democratic society is betrayed.

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Veerendra   Mishra
I am happy to have received some encouraging feedback from real intellectuals. Have literally realized how important it is to be read when you write s

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